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Gone are those days when had to anxiously wait for your turn even after booking an appointment. We know waiting in queues is very painful.


Discover restaurants, doctors, salons, service centers and much more around you with the live accurate waiting times and travel times.

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You have the power to put your name in the queue with just one tap from your phone. You can also see your place in queue in real-time and know exactly when you will be served.

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We will hold your place in queue and notify you when your turn will be coming up so you can sit back, relax and do whatever you want to get done. All you need to do is just reach when it’s your turn.

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Great Service. Online Token was accepted. Didn't need to wait so much


It was nightmare for us in past when we need to start 4am from Delhi. The app is life changing for us to consult our dear Doctor


With this app the wait is efficient(we know our turn so we plan accordingly) and smooth(everyone knows their turn) so no hassle. Nice concept , all the best!"


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