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High demand is the best thing to happen for your business until it results in long wait times and push your customer service into a chaotic downward spiral and results in loss of business. You have customers who schedule prior appointments online or via a call. Some of your customers also walk-in. Some call the reception at the last minute to check if they can visit.

Hate2wait saves you the trouble by automatically integrating customers from all channels and enables your customers to track their place in queue and wait times in real time on their mobile phones. Now you can make your customers feel like a VIP by delivering just-in-time service to everyone and reduce walk-away's.

Advanced queue management with automated notifications and reminders

For every business few things are as important as reputation. Happy customers often refer their friends but people who are dissatisfied aren’t shy about sharing their negative experiences. Customers sitting for long periods of time in crowded waiting rooms is very unpleasant and frustrating. Eliminate uncertainity and let customers comfirtably wait whereever they want.

Never again worry about waiting customers even if you are running late or stuck in traffic. Hate2wait keeps your waiting customers engaged and informed in real-time about various delays and manage expectations well in time which leads to superlative customer satisfaction.


hate2wait app for your customers with accurate wait times

With hate2wait, your customers can reserve their place in the queue from anywhere using their mobile device and save valuable time and frustration. Your customers can also get live access to availability status, service hours, weekly schedule and much more.

Create transparency, eliminate uncertainity and boost trust with our accurate and intelligent wait-time prediction engine. Keep your customers informed about when exactly their turn will be coming up so they can reach just in time. Let them grab a cup of coffee without anxiety, complete their chores or even run an errand while they virtually wait in the queue.

Advanced Reporting and Insights

With great service comes great reporting. It's easy to get blindsided by everyday issues and resolutions, and forget your service objectives. With hate2wait, you get way more than just reports. You get a complete overview of everything service, and deep drill downs that let you get to the root cause.


Private Customer Feedback System

Customer satisfaction truly defines your service. With hate2wait, you can get feedback on your service from your customers after every visit and engage with them to serve them better.

Target Marketing Tool

Interact and Engage with your customers during lean times and enable customers to book appointments during lean hours at attractive discounts.


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